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Even though somebody really important told me that’s not “graphic design” but “visual communication”, I’m gonna anyway use this antiquate and incorrect term in this article. Because freedom means also make choices, and since I’m talking about foundamentals and principles, I would like you to remember that every law can be broken with reason. So don’t take this as something irremovable, because graphic design should involve creativity and not only rules.

1. Scale

In a very basic definition, scale is the deliberate sizing of individual elements.

To define scaling, we could tell that it is the “basing sizing of individual elements”. It create a more concrete sense of images and projects. For example when you want to draw something creating a contrast between “big” and “small”, you’d make one element sized differently than one other.

For example if you draw a bottle and a glass, and you want to underline the importance of the bottle, you’ll make it bigger. When you were little you draw yourself smaller and your parents bigger, to make evident who was who.

Realism isn’t the only way scaling can be utilized. As I said before you can make some elements larger than the others just because of a matter of importance. This way of scaling is caled “hierarchy”.

kids drawing graphic design

2. Lines

Lines on the dictionary are described as:

a mark or stroke long in proportion to its breadth, made with a pen,pencil, tool, etc. on a surface”

but Lines can channel certain ideas too.Straight lines remind you of order, ondular ones create movement, zig-zagged lines transmit tension.

Leading lines are a kind of line that if used correctly lead the eye. In web graphic design, lines exist in term of grids, which create order on the page.

biglietto da visita Kirnbauer

biglietto da visita Kirnbauer

biglietto da visita Kirnbauer

3. Grids

Grids help you to create the foundations of your graphic design, to make everything symmetrical and functional. Grids are just as important as your finished graphic design, they create contruction balance in graphic design.

Grids make your design legible and orderly.

To make everything more creative, and maybe more original you could add some colums.

lines you have to colour inside of, but rather a set of simple guidelines used to help you create a stunning design. You shouldn’t be constrained by grids, but you should use them as a tool to create whatever you want to communicate.

4. Typography

A basic design instrument is Typography. It can say a lot of your graphic design, you can use different fonts and weights. You can see here an example of the different use of typography, from magazine to books and posters…

Two catergories to differentiate fonts are serif and sans-serif. In a simplier way, with curves and without curves. They can change in readability and effectiveness based in the situation in which we use them. Usually serif is more used for printing , and sans-serif more used in web pages.

Setting a typeface is the second step for building your designs. You should not use too many typefaces in one document, use kerning, make your typeface of the right measure.

5.Negative Space

Negative space is the space betweentween or around other parts of the design.

For example negative space is considering everything in the design, and manipulating space to form something apparently new.

Down here you can see some examples.

6. Color

Color is a crucial part of design, and if not used well can ruin your design.

For example, in the first image colors give a sense of luxury, calmness and femininity. In the second case we can see how the contrast between colors gives a more energetic and vibrant design.

To make the best out of colors you must consider color theory, create a strong palette and apply it using a definite system.

Hidden rule:

Rules are something you should know but you shouldn’t be afraid to break them. With time and mastering tecniques you can experiment more with your designs. And if you have enough knowledge in your pocket, you can create you own rules to better define your design style.

anatarc tica carnival graphic

anatarc tica carnival graphic by Raphael FS