Happy kitchen by Joevelluto is, as you could immagine by the title, a  modular kitchen design made with by Joevelluto for Design mood.

JoeVelluto (JVLT) is a design and communications studio located in Vicenza. In 2002 it entered the competition “Opos Under 35” with “RosAria,” disposable rosary beads made from bubblewrap, the studio’s first official project which soon became part of a number of permanent design collections both in Italy and abroad.



“Happy kitchen”  is designed not only like a work-space or technological location, but mostly as a place for visual pleasure and conviviality.

Each kitchen has a life of evolution, since you can add embellishments to each part of this piece of furniture. This object is not only movable, but also indipendent.Happy kitchen by Joevelluto

The material can be choosen in different colors, which you can conbine to your taste. The elements are in fact made by blockboard of fir, laminated matt or glossy.

Happy kitchen

The measurements are:

base- 60cm/120 cm

Column:60 cm

Part of the components can simply have storage function or for putting in your dishwasher.


Happy kitchen by Joevelluto

This modular system is perfect if you have a small kitchen and you like the sixties style.

Also this piece of furniture would be perfect if you had to design or restyle an office “cook zone”, since usually there’s little room in those environments. With this little wood chairs that can be put under the kitchen you can save a lot of space.


Happy kitchen by Joevelluto


A big part of this design is the aesthetic style: a bit edgy but modern at the same time. Something that would be good in a Loft.


Happy kitchen