Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, famous for the Balance Chair, developed a new chair design with particoular attention to making it adaptable to both offices and public spaces.




Peter Opsvik team always has an important role into traslating the idea into a finished and exaustive work. His studio has a strong focus on product and functional design: ranging from interior design to engineering. Initially the  studio works independently with prototypes  in the workshop. This stage lasts until the idea is ready to be presented to the public. If the product makes it as far as a licensing agreement, the studio works in  collaboration with  R&D to adapt the product for commercial distribution.



Peter Opsvik12358



The Globe Garden chair was designed by Opsvik 29 years ago and was recently relaunched. This product is almost 2 meters high and has multiple rounded seats which allows the body to be supported in the finest way. Another interesting piece is the Globe Tree: it acts as an adjustable workstation.



Peter Opsvik-poiug


Made with wood und wool elements, this chair is surely an interesting design object, not only ergonomical but also convenient for who wants an object that can change over time.