Sometimes graphic design can be playful and intuitive, just like a  smartphone. As you can see from the images, we’re talking about moography (in instagram) an artist that makes millions of different worlds out of his phone.


Anshuman Ghosh is an artist of Johannesburg, before starting this project  he was a street photographer. One day he realized that reality wasn’t enough to rappresent the fantastic world he imagined, he decided to develop his art in something a little different and unique.

graphic design3

In all of his artworks you can notice a common pattern: an iphone. This iphone can be tranformed into a vase, a window, a ship , .

All of this needs a detailed and careful preparation, that means he’ll before work on paper to catch as much details a possibles.

graphic design2

As you can see from the image a little work can go a long way when it means to give an hint of reflection. In fact his works make difficoult to realize what’s real and what’s not. Moreover they produce strong metaphor about what our phones are for us in today society.

graphic design


This is an innovative and powerful idea that could make us meditate a lot more, and I think that’s what art is for. Sometimes we forget about how much technology is part of our lifes: we use it while we’re drinking, chatting, and living generally.