Even tThere’s one part of my life I could never change: coffee. Even though at the beginning I couldn’t stand it, and I drinked only tea, but now drinking coffe has become a routine, and what better than a routine with design added? In fact, today I wanna show you some coffee design moka, made not only for coffee, but also for that ritual we love.

The most popoular coffee moka I could think of is this one, called La Conica, made from Aldo Rossi for Alessi in 1984.


la conica

The name of this object (La conica) means ” the conical” referring to the cilindric part of the object. This cone, of a pyramidal shape, has all angles perpendicular to the base. This moka is a symbolic element of 80’s design.

288b3def7c46619e0f3405609d8020c498934774  la-conica-schizzi

The second moka is made by Gianni Chicca, and contrarily to the other one this is more modern, and less pricy: if the other one costs over 200$ this one it’s only around 60$!

Made of steel and wood elements, this moka has a more elongated form, and the security of a handle that doesn’t burn you, but could burn itself! You can find it on Dalani.com.


coffee design moka


Last but not least Roth’s Moka Pot, a rivistaded moka inspired bu Luigi De Ponti’s 1933 invention, made with steam pression, which makes true this quote:

” To assist in the endeavor, the new design doubles the output of most moka pots, yielding six ounces by way of 15 grams of coffee, and can be fitted with an aeropress filter to improve clarity the brewed coffee”.


coffee design moka

coffee design moka