This month we choose some home as an inspiration for our ideal september look. Enjoy the best interior design homes of September 2016 with!

School time is coming, and also autumn, so maybe you’re thinking of a new way of renouvating our house, maybe we love pillows, or paintings. This images could be of great inspiration to who has this in mind. And remember, sometimes renouvating is simplier than it looks like!

home colorful

Why we liked this look: Fresh, clean with a touch of senape which brings life to the whole. Perfect minimal-50’s inspired look.

interior design home

Why we liked this look:  If orange is the new black on tv, then gray is the new black in interior design. Make your room brighter with a mirror!interior design homes

Why we liked this look:  Paintings and stamps are always a good option if you want to make your room feel fuller. Interior design homes approved!

interior design homes

Why we liked this look:  Sixties furniture seems to be on trend this year, and we love the complementary bold elements that give carachter to this room: stylish armchair and vintage windows. Great interior design homes indeed!

design home decor

Why we liked this look:  Sometimes weird is the way to go, expecially with home decor: have fun decorating with unusual elements like the one on the picture!

I hope this post will be useful to some of you, to give your house a new look or simply find interesting objects to decorate your little room. If you liked this post make sure to look up Viindie design on twitter and Viindie on instagram! Also don’t forget to share this post if you liked it, and share your opinion with us!