Alessi is coming up with a new collection:  The circus collection,  designed by Marcel Wanders.

The design concept could be summarized in this quote of Marcel Wanders:

“The circus is that sensory experience that never leaves you. It’s magical. It’s mystical. It’s larger than life. That’s what we capture in this collection : that one-of-a-kind spectacle.”





Marcel Wanders is a designer born in the Netherlands, famous for his Knotted chair, created in 1996 for Droog Design, and now is one of the most important designers of this brand.

He started working not only on interiors projects but also on architecture projects, and soon decided to design  electrical appliances. An example of one of his architecture designs is the one made in collaboration with Peter Lute: the famous  LUTE SUITES, an hotel with luxurious suites all over the city.



Alessi made for The circus collection a grottesque impersonification of the objects with photos of clumsy and peculiar people, for sure a good way to bring a smile on people’s face as the circus does!
the circus collection
This bizzare and festive theme is developed using geometric patterns, circles, conic shapes, stripes, and bold and contrasting colors as white, black, red, yellow and gold. 
The focus of this collection is to bring smiles and delight to people.
the circus collection
 In conclusion we could say that Alessi reached his objective, making of design a fun experience, just as going to the circus is. This collection is the impersonification of joy and love for living: just imagine using such fun items in your daily life, wouldn’t it make you happier?
Unless you’re scared of clowns, then stay away from it!
A little gallery:
The circus collection