Have you ever seen a dental clinic so colorful and cheerful? I didn’t. This clinic based in Tianjin (China) took seriously the interiors of their business. Looking at the images of the clinic design, it came to my mind that chinese kids must be terrified by dental clinics!

In fact, even if  this medical space was already designed by another company, when RIGI design took up this project they tried to make it the gaudy and children-welcoming place it  is now.


clinic design


The well obtained objective was to create a welcoming and conforting place for the costumers, eliminating that sense of displeasure we usually feel at the entrance of a medical environment.


clinic design


There are four areas in the clinic design: kids area, waiting area, entrance and clinic.

The focal point of this design is warmth, that’s why RIGI designs choose wood and cirles as a fondamental element. As a matter of fact, their objective was to create an environment able to connect people and make them feel gladly received.


kids area


And since there are a lot of childrens coming to this lovely clinic, there’s an entire play-space dedicated to them: no more kid screaming and crying befor a dental operation!


kids area 2


While the kids play, parents and nannys can talk and communicate. Probably nowadays it will be difficoult for  chinese business mans and women take a little time to enjoy a little chat, but we  always need faith in humanity, and this design helps to reach this difficoult target.

We hope to see more of this designs, not only from RIGI design, but also from other companies, so that people can have pleasant memories even of a dental clinic.