Aperitif is a tradition in Italy, a way of life: a chat between friends and relax between one Spritz and the other, while the sun goes down and everybody ejoys life. There’s a secret to drink the Spritz, and you could understand it if you saw my disappointed face when the barman gave me a Spritz in a jar instead of a glass. That’s why today I want to present you the signature glass, made by Luca Trazzi.

signature glass

The history behind it:

Austrian soldiers, got used to the Venetian habit of drinking wine in the tavern, but, not used to the strong wines they were given, they asked to spray (in german “spritzen”) some water into it. As a proper cocktail the Spritz was invented in 1900 between Padua and Venice, when they got the idea of add to the mix some Aperol.

signature glass

Signature Glass:

For our beloved Aperol Spritz, it has been made the firs re-design of the glass:  from a simple decanter for tasting it has been revolutionized into a tribute to the bottle with the double bottom, born in Padua in 1919.

The signature glass of Luca Trazzi is elegant and at the same time heavy, so that it doesn’t slip or fly away during the most windy evenings. This glass doesn’t have the presumption to reinvent the object but it gives the brand a stronger identity.

What the designer thinks:

For Luca Trazzi this glass is like an architecture: based on strong foundations, it evolves in exquisite and sumptuous  curves. This glass gives the drinker the opportunity to intensify the sensation given by drinking from a solid but still light glass.

A recipe for the Spritz: 

fill up with ice a big glass of a balloon glass and pour 3 parts of Prosecco Doc, 2 parts of Aperol, and mix with a circular movement, then pour 1 part of soda. Add half a slice of orange and you’re done.