Wallpaper design is usually underestimated, but it can be one of our best allies if we’d like a massive work of art in our living room, without the costs it usually involves buying a painting.

Here’s a quick example: Elena Carozzi, an italian artist, started doing her artwork as wallpaper.

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Her initial target wasn’t to satisfy our urge to spend less and have a decorative, yet stunning, wall. Nonetheless she managed to express herself and meet our needs.

Thanks to years of study as a decorator with the old masters, she was able to merge major arts, as fine arts, and some of the most humble and for sure applied arts, as interior design.

Her inspiration, and one of her masters was her grandad, a painter, who taught her about big artists as Vuillard and Bonnard. From here merged in her the desire to create walls that are artworks.

wallpaper design





Moreover, she proclaimed that painting on canvas gives her less freedom.




If you think carefully about it, her point of view can be translated into ours, because buying a portrait  gives the owner less freedom than buying a wallpaper design that can be changed over time. On one hand, comparing classical arts to a new decoration technique is kind of extreme, in fact we talked about a fusion between major and minor arts. On the other hand we live in a world where not everyone can afford a Monet of 12″ x 36″, and I’m trying to give a voice to who’s maybe young and simply can’t make such an investment (considered dimentions and comparison of price).


Overall this new way of decorating won’t be worshipped by all of us, but it’s an original and economical way of simoultanesly approaching interior design and arts world. In the long term it should be considered enough to give a vibrant atmosphere to a room, or in a space where paintings can’t be hanged.