bullet journal

Hello dear reader, Today I wanted to share with you my new and beloved boyfriend bullet journal setting!

I came across bullet journaling half an year ago, I started one on a normal notebook before, then decided to buy one on Amazon from Leuchtturm 1917 so I could do pretty layouts and all the decorations I wanted.

I think I ordered from a Polish seller, because the words on the title were impossible to read, but since it was only 13 euros I bought it. I waited for it to arrive for 2 weeks i think, then the package was marked as received, BUT IT WASN’T! I got all mad about it, because I was fancying that notebook from months! (Yes I’m stingy and broke at the same time ;D).  Luckily enough I contacted Amazon and they were super kind, and tried to understand why the package didn’t arrive. Guess what? The courier gave it to a Neighbour because he saw our gate closed and thought we weren’t at home.

Finally I got my notebook and here’s the layout I choose:

bujo bullet journal

Just some photograps on the first page

bujo bullet journal

The Index: I kept it really simple and mainstream.


This is my Future Log, that I called Calendar because it seems more appropriate to the function I gave it. I used it to write down my school semester, birthdays are in red and holidays are in orange.


In this page I did my blog calendar and A body measuraments tracker (yes  I’m still fat).


This is my July page setup.


My first weekly page+ Habit tracker

IMG_0404 bis

My setup for the week I had a trip on. A to do list on the right, made a little colorful, and a simple weekly on the left.

As you can see my setup is simple (for now)  but some things are gonna change:

  • the weekly once school starts will be smaller and there’ll be a lot of space for days.
  • The montly will be big and probably with squares, so I can fit apointments and lessons.

Some things worked, like:

  • themed pages
  • to do lists

Well guys I hope you guys enjoyed this article and if yes comment down below which one of this layout is the best or what should I do to improve my bullet journal!