scandinavian design

Hello dearest!I’m trying to learn how to use Adobe Premiere to edit my admission video, then I remembered your article, so here it is: an article about scandinavian style !

The firt example we have is the one of this kitchen that looks like a greenhouse. In the photograph black and gray play a great contrast, making the green even more colorful!

The furniture is industrial, as well as the girder that with the windows brings armony to the room.


If you want to copy this style use some wood vintage furniture and use a strong contrast between white walls and dark ones. Also if you have an old pavement paint it in grey or pour cement.

scandinavian style from elle 2016

This bathroom follows the same rules for Scandinavian style:

  1. Not too many ornaments.
  2. Only white, grey, wood  color and green from the plants.
  3. No curtains (don’t do it if you have weird neighbors)  and free lighting.

scandinavian style

This is a close up on a pretty angle of the house that shows how gold can play a good twist on the house, and how geometrical mirrors help to the Cleanliness of the house. In fact here you won’t see books everywhere or glasses. Think of this house as a song that has to express solitude and silence, not noise.

You can give a twist using gold pieces, and geometrical ones. Mirrors will reflect light and enhance the contrast we talked about before.

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I hope this tips helped you! Let me know in the comments if you like or not this scandinavian style!

Kisses, Fran.