Today we’re gonna talk about design packaging, but before I want to share my thoughts.

The other day, as you may know if you read my instagram, there was a fire near my house ( very near, almost in my garden) and that made me rethink the way I live, and how much time I’m wasting. Being productive is a problem I have, also because I like wasting my time on Youtube and Issuu!

Anyway, today I want to show you this ecological, and pretty way to grow  your basil!

At fist I thought it was a lunch box, and now I’m reconsidering the item because of that. Isn’t it simplier to use a jar and some seeds? If I was about to buy it I wouldn’t, because to me (stingy person) that’s a waste of money, those are things that you can do with less then 5 euros, no tools and a little bit of info!

If you’re that bad with plants I can understand it though.


design packaging

design packaging




I actually think that after you’re done with growing your plants you can use this as an obento-box (lunch- box) materials can be cleaned, and you have any sort of spoon. I’d really like to recommend the designers to give this box a second use, because I find the plywood really fashionable and green!


design packaging

Here there are the instructions! It looks really simple, doesn’t it?


Do you like this items? Do you think it would be a great idea for something else? Share your comments down below!

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Kisses Fran.