wedding jewelry

Have you ever been invited to a wedding and got this idea in your mind?  WHAT AM I GONNA WEAR??  Everybody thinks of brides but not always we think of the poor and confused guests. If you have already found the perfect dress here there are some affordable jewelry pieces from Etsy:

A poetryjewelry piece

A poetryjewelry piece for only 45 euros!

They look stunning and elegant, better if the wedding is at night. I’d rather use them as a single piece, because they can be too heavy and important for using them as a parure, of course if you’re the bride than you could use also a necklace!

A piece from ARPELC

This ring is not so pricy ( 171 euros) and I think it looks amazing, If you didn’t realize it, I adore blue and sparkly things (even though I don’t use a lot of jewelry)…


From CuteActually

A little price (18 euros) for a cute piece that It’s usable in multiple occasions, and it could make a cute preppy-casual-chic style!

From ShebasGems

Little sparkle for a lot of elegance! It’s great if you have a floreal dress or a pastel one. It’s 14 euros.


From pearlandjewelry

With pearls you can’t go wrong, especially if you’re looking after an edgy style! A 50’s dress looks amazing with that, or maybe even a good old sheath, better blue than black, because black is a symble of death for some.

Tell me what do you think about it, do you prefer using fancy or cheap jewelry?

Kisses, Fran!