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Good evening dears, how are you feeling today? I went on a bike ride that was a little bit challenging, but I needed to burn some calories because I had a huge lunch. But I didn’t forget you and I’m gonna do an article on how to use Olive green in your lives!

Today when I was watching the television I saw one of my favorite programs where they restyled a house with amazing olive green furniture and grayish walls that looked absolutely amazing!

Olive green is also one of the few colors that fit my bedroom’s wall color, so I’ll totally research more about it! Here there are some color that look perfect with it.

color olive green

via ElementsOfStyle

The most brave ones could choose to change their kitchen color or the walls color, and sometimes it’s better to add a little pinch of green on the furniture, even though it can turn or amazingly well or horribly bad. That’s your choice. I recommend as well to use a lighter olive color, and not the deep olive if not for small objects or pillows.

olive green color with blue


This is just a small example of how it can turn a little bit too gloomy.

It looks elegant but think of living in a place where you have such dark colors. I would personally feel a little bit moody.

I know that strong colors in a loft  maybe in New York could be amazing, but I live in real life, I don’t know if you do, but I must feel relaxed by the environment.

Green is for excellence the calmness color. At least that’s what scientist say, and my teacher of drawing said this as well.

Let me explain why I think that living space used the right colors in a bad way. Maybe it’s just the lighting in the photo, but that dark blue with that dark green makes that room look too obscure and the couch look cheap, which is not, but think of a 200 bucks couch of that color: it would be horrible.

The photo may look amazing but your house wouldn’t look the same, I know it because my doesn’t, and pictures always look better!




Those two styles I believe  are what you need to look for, a lot of white, a little of dark touches, of blue and funny patterns.

This fabrics are an example of some patterns you could take in consideration for a simple decor, maybe through a table cloth or some pillows.

And if you don’t like blue you could opt for more white and less blue, if you like it even a maritime style with some blue strips and shells.




There’s something more that you could do, such as taking a new carpet, that with a luxurious texture could change your room. You can vary with colors, and if you get tired of it you can give it to the charity shop or to your grandma.









Here’s another room that you could take inspiration from:

This went more for an hippy style with some touches of modernity. How do you find it? Do you love olive green or do you prefer pastel colors?

Kisses, Fran.