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Hi everybody! How are you doing? I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday, are going on a roadtrip or just staying at home? (Netfilx and chill…they say).Today I want to talk about some amazing Japanese packaging!

Packaging of what? You’ll say. Makeup packaging! I think I’m gonna talk a lot about makeup packaging in the future because I love them, especially if they’re girly and kawaii! (cute in Japanese).


Let’s start with this Sailor moon themed eye-liner!  A lot of people online say it’s not only beautiful but also it has a rich black texture. This is a dream for all the 90s girl like me who grew up with milk, biscuits, and Sailor moon. You can find this on Amazon.

Japanese design

The second item I’m gonna show you is this cute panda stick (eye serum and moisturizer). I’ve never seen it on makeup hauls or videos on youtube, but I think it could be cool for lips too. You can find it on!

Japanese cosmetic

Third, there’s this amazing blush palette (that if I had the money to buy I would) with the cutest roses ever as a little decoration. This is an appealing product to me because a lot of people were amazed with the quality of this product and his duration! You can find it here.


This little Tint has a decoration made by a famous Korean artist, who made a video for the 2ne1 song, named Mari Kim ( not to brag about it, but I had her on facebook as a friend!). You can find them on Amazon, and if you want some other pieces of the same line you can go on Urban Outfiters website.

peri's tint

Another piece of Can make is this pretty stay on balm rouge, which doesn’t has the best packaging but it’s not ugly and the tap has an heart shape as you can see!


Another Japanese piece for you! A cute and babyish blush, doesn’t it reminds you some of Lelly Kelly’s samples ( or maybe it was just an italian brand) let me know! This is also from CANMAKE

Japanese blush

If you feel summery and you love strawberries like me this is a perfect gift! Did you hear me Boyfrieeend? Hehehehe! Look! There’s also in mint color! You can find it here. A giftcard would be loved!

mint lipgloss

Another famous item are those masks for skincare who look like a traditional Japanese mask, useful if you want to have a girls night with males!  You can find them here.

Japanese design




Let me know if you like those items!

Kisses, Fran!