industrial design kitchen

I’m sorry I wasn’t here yesterday to post, but internet was down all day! Don’t ask me why, but where I live internet is absent for most of the time (this doesn’t stop me to lose time everyday into social media…). Anyway today we’re gonna talk about how to twist your kitchen design and make an industrial design kitchen!

I know, sometimes is hard to renovate your kitchen, you would simply destroy everything and buy a new one, but not everybody is rich as we would like to.

industrial design

What makes this room beautiful and unique? First of all, notice materials:

  • wood
  • iron
  • steel

Secondly, you have to remember that this style inspiration has been taken from old American industries, so keep in mind simplicity and functionality when you do your restyling, that should develope an industrial design perfect for your interiors.

  • If you already have bricks on your walls half of the job is done, but if you haven’t you can check this tutorial for faking it!  you can use them, instead of through all the wall, as a splash-back to give that edgy vibe without spending too much time and money on brick wall
  • Usually those kitchens use parquet, but if you don’t have the money, you can use the laminated one, like this one from Ikea, which is pretty cheap and you won’t have to destroy your old floor! Or if you don’t mind you can simply keep yours if it’s made of terracotta, which gives a warm and edgy vibe.industrial design
  • Use simple and linear lighting! Most of the old industrial lighting are fine,you can use copper lighting, or glass ones, the most important thing is to not use Rococò ones (even though I think they would make a more interesting setting) do not fear to be original, and if you want to pop-in some color just do it. It’s not about being industrial but about giving your own touch! Buy lighting from the thrift store or an antiques store! 

lighing kitchen

  • Use some wood, I KNOW it sounds trivial, but just add some chairs in dark wood, maybe a little bit edgy, or some storage made out of wood, like some big shelves. You can also put a shelf with some hooks on the outside to hang your copper pans (or just pans and cups).

kitchen cabinet industrial design

  • Use visible steel, have a steel fridge, or for the ones on a budget, create a board with steel sheets and hang out your photographs with some magnets.  You can hang steel tools on the wall, or have a kitchen hood made of steel. Or you could also cut little sheets of steel or steel-looking material and do a composition on the wall to recreate a pretty industrial design style. steel design kitchen
  • Another Idea is to create a board buying some black chalk paint, and paint an entire wall, and have fun drawing on it! You can write tags, or if you’re feeling fancy and you know how to draw, you can make a trompe l’oeil effect and draw a room into the room.

trompe l'oeil design

I hope you liked this article about industrial design kitchens, tell me what do you think about it in the comment section!

Loviu! Kisses, Fran!