fashion design 2

There are a lot of things that can be defined a design, even though I love product and interior design, I can’t resist but make a little statement into my blog about fashion and beauty. I know it’s not original, but I personally think that makeup and a good wardrobe can make you more brave and independent. They can give you that kind of attitude everybody need on bad times.

Often, we as girls have up and downs, and we forget about the good times. Maybe we think negatively and just focus on the worse, but when we put that sexy dress you just feel good. Especially for the chubby ones, go to a path with your own body can be a struggle sometimes, even if you have the most amazing brain those tights can be really annoying (nothing is connected to me buying jeans and not finding a good fit… not at all).

Even the ugly duckling can turn out into a beautiful swan if she’s well dressed, if she is original.

That’s why each week I’m gonna add  a small collection of things I love, that won’t be about interiors, but personal appearance and other lovely things. As you can see I love old fashioned things and styles, and rich embroideries and patterns. I don’t think living where I live I could run some of those outfits, even because one day I used an hat (a big one) and a group of people laughed at me.

Here’s the first collection!

Kisses, Fran!