bedroom style

Good morning amazing readers! Today I’m in a coffee rush! Yeah! Today we’re gonna talk about design ideas for your bedroom!

Even when things are dark and sad, a little bit of coffee and the medicine goes down!

As you can see from the picture I choose little things, which are not too pricy ( but not so cheap) which can change your bedroom appearance without effort.


There are little things who can do a lot, like new bed sheets (pay attention at the pronounce!) and other little things:


  • The most important thing into your bedroom are the bed and the bedhead: that’s why i think it’s great to have some pretty sheets like the ones from H&M Home, because not everyone can afford to change the bedhead (even though I’m thinking of some DIY about it… we’ll see) but all of us need some clean sheets once in a while!
  • To make your bed prettier and funnier you can add some pillows like the one I put in the picture, an example are the ones from The only thing that matters is to add a little bit of color into your room.


  • To add some color you can also paint your bed’s wall, as I did using a strong turquoise.
  • You can also add a relax zone, with a little table, and maybe a chair. You can use a table like the one I choose, with light lines and powerful, yet minimal, colours.bedroom
  • Another tip is to try to be minimalist, but not too much: try to use a basket that matches the table as I did in the picture.
  • A little bit of cuteness is always needed! Here’s a pretty jewelry holder in the shape of a cat. I don’t know about you but I love cats, and little pretty objects that can add a bit of delicacy to your cabinet or beauty corner.

I know that those are not exactly 5 bedroom ideas, but you’re gonna forgive me, won’t you?

Kisses, Fran.