Hi girls! How are you doing today? Today I’m gonna talk about DIY and home decor!

I was looking around for design inspiration, when I looked at those amazing projects, who look expensive, but they’re actually cheap!

Do-it-yourself it’s also a good way to have fun and relax for a moment without thinking too much about troubles and just enjoy the act of creating. And also, when somebody comes to your home and they asks you “where did you buy this mirror?”- you can say-“I made it by myself”. Won’t you be proud?



This is a great idea, also because mirrors are super expensive! And This one is so cute, and looks like it has been made from a super chic design brand.




Why gift boxes when we’re talking about home decor? Simple! Because you can use them to storage some of your jewelry and it can be a nice place card.




Some of you may not understand what’s in the picture, but i’m here to explain, those are coasters, and even if they look hand-painted they’re not, and guess what? They look amazing, especially for a party in the garden!


DIY home decor

Made by ispydiy



This is a piece my mom was trying to find from ages, even if she wanted to use it for the bathroom and not for the living room ;D we try to stay literate even in those moments!





Those cute mousepads are from CURBLY


There’s nothing more sad than an old mouse-pad, or one made out of cartoon, like mine (eheheheh). Those mouse-pads are pretty gorgeous, stylish and almost free.


From mouse-pads to cat-homes, of course they can be made also for little dogs, those little doghouses are simple, vintage, and totally ecological, which is the best!

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Kisses, Fran.