zaha hadid

If you don’t know her, I’m gonna introduce you to Zaha Hadid. 

From the name you can guess from her name that she has arabic origins, in fact she’s born in Baghdad (Iraq). And she’s a woman.

That’s why I choose her, not only because of her deconstructivist or hyper modern style, but because I wanted to start, as a woman, to talk about another woman.

I wanted one with a strong character, smart and with talent. And I wanted her not-to-be Oprah.

And here that, while I was doing researches about a project I’m into, and I found Zaha Hadid. She’s not the classic sixty-years-old , my mother, who’s 4 years younger than her ( sorry mom, you look even younger ;D) has a totally different story.

It’s useless say that for travelling from Baghdad, study at Beirut then at London, and then be so successful you need as much talent as a supportive family.

This woman gifted of an essential style, not only for dresses ( have you noticed how all architects wear only black or grey dresses? Maybe it’s to look slimmer?) she made out of fluidity and enjoyment of the work her focus points.

zaha hadid


Each of Zaha Hadid projects, starting from the most famous: The peak leisure club, and the nearest to me, as the Museum of Nuragic and contemporary art of Cagliari, or The secret Garden in Milan, express in an orginal way her thinking supported by environmental friendliness  and sustainability (as you can notice in The secret Garden).

To clarify what i mean for way of thinking I add a small part of one of Zaha Hadid talks:

“From the beginning I thought of architecture in a different way. I knew what I wanted to do and what I had to draw, but I couldn’t do it in a traditional way, because with I couldn’t represent it with traditional methods… Then with time, those drawing, those perspectives and those paintings became my real representation   tools, something more than simple elaboration of sketches… Plant’s fluidity, her fragmentation, the hazard perfectly calculated, are ideas deduced from Malevich and suprematism, as the idea of lightness, away from the soil which produced engineering development and made the crystal curtains of Mies van der Rohe in Chicago and New York … architecture must instill pleasure, the pleasure you feel when you are in a nice house regardless of size. What usually people usually do not understand is that the concept of luxury  has nothing to do with the price. This should make architecture : offer the idea of luxury on a grand scale. “



So taking the antique as a starting point, if we can define suprematism so, to get to a new form of expression.

As suprematists re-evaluated, re-thought painting, so she looked from another paint of view architecture, from the formula ” art for art itself” to the “building for the building”, a style that doesn’t subordinate shape to functionality and that, in some way, admits the indipendence of those two elements.

zaha hadid art

Starting from a painting like this one (see on the side) to build a real structure: a livable space. 

A transformation that started from the 60s, her years of training, which doesn’t only regard how to look at the building, at the architectonic element, but also to womans life. She herself declared that if in those years she had been born as a male than her life would have been easier.

I’m tempted to leave you with a “Meditate humans, how much can freedom and culture do”, and that’s what I’ll do.

Kisses, Fran.