design article 1

Some people don’t have problems to idolize the others. That’s why I’m doing an introduction design.

I don’t have problems to idolize people’s work instead. Maybe it’s because an object can pretend, be similar, and tend to perfection, whether an human being, as much as it could express kalokagathia, it will always be made of mud, it will always be corrupted.

It’s with this disenchanted preface that I want announce this series of articles about design, art, maybe cinema and culture… who knows, it’s better being unpredictable in life, or not?
I’ll try, of giving you as a certainty originality and love for what I’m doing. I’ll take you with me in enchanted worlds of mechanisms, polymers, mortise, worlds of glass and carton, to make you admire what can be human creative flair.

That creativity who stands near divine sense, the act of creation who gets you nearer to the creator.

The most fun part of this mumbling is that, in fact, everybody creates something, in one moment or another, with our ideas, words, actions, reactions, compositions, accidents, all things that belong to us, that are linked to us, but invisible in their creation. So, as a plant, we do. Man of technology but attached to hearth, to their origin, because necessary part our being.

An object is, instead, a simple organic material, who has being created, but that can’t be destroyed from humans touch. Don’t you think it’s amazing? How something unoffensive, beautiful, who can have a soul, but can’t have an existence. A poetry, a melody, a study, something instinctive, or all this thing together. All that we need.


But it’s difficult to perceive the sublime from an object, isn’t it? When we see a cascade, the sea, a mountain. Than that’s sublime. But also a painting can be sublime. What’s the difference between a lamp and a portrait?Emotion.That’s the difference. Objects made to work and not to enhance our life experience, from those we won’t perceive the sublime. That’s why I’ll try to choose objects that transmit something, whether they’re beautiful, util, functional, or an experience by themselves. But overall I’ll choose object and architectures that i love, so don’t be offended if I’ll look ridiculous sometimes.

Have a good journey through life.